If God were a blogger in heaven and blogged his point of view
Do you think we’d see the folly of the many things we do?

He may blog of similar issues that Earth’s leaders do debate
Of rights and fights and freedoms and the union of our state

With loving words and a special font I’m sure he’d teach us how
Though the nature of the flesh is such that we often stand when we should bow

Would his domain receive a PageRank that pushed a 9 or 10?
Or would we link to other websites like Homestar and CNN?

And in our favorites and cookies would we find foremost God’s Blog
Or would those files be resigned to archives on unused server logs?

Truthfully, The Man doth speak and his words are found today
And a blog is neat, but not requisite, to hear them and obey

So bookmark now this techie’s thought of the need for God to blog
And when you think that God’s not real don’t check your server log

Just find a time to be alone, to listen and be still
And in those quiet moments you will feel your Father’s will

His love is there. His peace is real. No earthly good can ‘er replace
The power and the beauty of God’s Word to Human Race

by R. Arthur Mendenhall


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  1. Melanie says:

    The things you think about….

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