Alright. The purpose of this blog is two fold:

1. To report on the craziest run I’ve ever done up to this point in my life &
2. To state my ever growing desire to put myself through an even more grueling regimen than I am currently under.

First off…the Xango Wasatch Back Relay: 175 miles. 12 team members. 2 vans. Craziness. Quickly, though I hope to elaborate more in the near future, I had the time of my life. It’s interesting how you can enter another world for a time and break all expectations you’ve placed on yourself. I did so and it wasn’t due in any small part to the team members who ran with me, gave me water, and encouraged me ever step of the way.

I experienced inner strength sure, but the more rewarding part was the help from my fellow runners. The lessons I learned about teams was very encouraging. The help I received from above was incredible and I give all glory to my God who ran with me the entire way.

Secondly…the thought has been creeping ever more into my thoughts to go to med school. I had been preparing to go to grad school yes, but never really thought that med school was a possibility or even an interest. Turns out it is. For the last month I’ve been tossing the idea around in my head, talking with doctors and playing our scenarios in my mind. Neurology is the specialty I’d like to enter. I’m not sure where my “Brain World” idea will fit in there, but I suppose that it would be no different than going into research for 10-15 years like I had planned on and then putting that idea together.

Oh, and just for the record my thoughts towards med school predated the following little tidbit: I’ve started watching the inaccurate TV show House, M.D. Love it! Not sure why, but I love it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No. “House” is real.

  2. King Arthur says:

    Yeah, I surely wouldn’t know the difference. I have an itching feeling though that once I start studying the stuff I’ll see that some Hollywood slipped in.

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