There was once a little grasshopper who liked to rest in the path where humans walk. Sure there were other places to contemplate life and bask in the warmth of the sun, but he liked this place best.

Occasionally a human would walk by and with the quickness the grasshopper had come to pride himself on, he would hop out of the danger’s way. However, once the trouble was gone he would always return to the path where the humans walk.

After this the little grasshopper’s first encounter with a human he considered briefly finding a safer place to rest from the troubles of the day. But just as speedily as that thought had come, he also had another, and then another. They went something like this:

“The danger is gone now. You needn’t worry. You can now return to your favorite spot on the path where humans walk. Besides, it was quite some time before you ever saw even one human and when you did, you were quick to remove yourself from danger. If danger comes again, I am able. No harm will come to me.”

So return he did to his favorite spot where humans walk and continued to bask in the sun’s warmth.

After a few times of being called to alarm by the presence of a human walking by and one close call, the grasshopper had enjoyed some time without any cause for worry. Smiling at this newly experienced peace from danger’s threat, the little insect grew very accustomed to life on the path where humans once walked.

Time passed and the grasshopper forgot what it was like to move for danger. He grew tired one sunny morning and without warning, as is often the case when one is careful to not make a sound, a lone human strolled down the path where the grasshopper lay slumbering.

Without attention to the tiny life on the path the human walked where it was taught to walk and without even noticing, stepped on the little grasshopper and on its way it went.

Now friends, the life of the tiny grasshopper may be gone, but yours is not. What paths that now seem safe to you will one day bring danger? Where do you now slumber and what strengths do you use to justify that that sleep? Be careful to give attention to the tale of the confident grasshopper.

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8 Responses to The Confident Little Grasshopper

  1. April says:

    I really enjoy your blog! You could write children’s books!

  2. Amber Shimp says:

    I recall hearing this story at one of the babe club meetings we had…

  3. Arezo says:

    I think we are being stalked by grasshoppers… could they be our minders? There is one in my room now… i don’t know why but i am weary of them.. although they wont hurt me.. right?

    • kingarthur says:

      Arezo, I think grasshoppers are pretty harmless. Unless of course they have little machine guns, in which case I’d be headin for them thar hills if I were you!

  4. patti says:

    if someone calls you a grasshopper, do you think it’s complimentary?

    • kingarthur says:

      :) Good question Patti. I think it largely depends on the context. If it was Mr Miagi then I think I’d take it as a compliment, but if someone had just read this little story then I’d probably start to thinking about what I’m doing in my life that’s potentially dangerous. :) What do you think?

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