My thoughts have been tender on this topic recently. I am by no means perfect in my love for my fellow man, but I honor the God that fills my heart with peace and understanding towards his beautiful daughters. Last night I stumbled upon an old friend’s video that shares most powerfully the way I feel about the mothers and women in my life. It’s a mother’s day message, but I needed to say it right now. It’s a timeless message that I hope you will come back to any time you feel the burden of your station weighing you down, for I know that God will speak to you through these words of truth. He will love and lift you! I love each one of you and if I haven’t told you lately, please remind me and I’ll make sure to redouble my efforts! :)

I’m on a haiku kick, so here’s one about moms! I put it at the end because I’m hoping you’ll watch the video and be crying by the time you read it, so either you won’t be able to see it, or I’ll have a head start on it being good, ya know, kinda like how every mom thinks they’re kid’s the cutest and how no matter what it sounds like, the first piano recital always sounds sweet, I’m hoping the heart will be in that “everything is so sweet” stage. Either way, enjoy:

Lofty motherhood,
God’s precious gift to the world,
Uplifts fallen man

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