I see a cliff & slowly I ascend to its peak
Standing mesmerized I scan the breathtaking view
Closed-eyed & breathing deeply its majesty fills my soul,
Confidently, I feel that I am one

Now ready, united, I take a mighty leap
And for a moment I am free
But the freedom I felt fast flees from my heart
As quickly I’m approaching my end

Then in the split of a second it all grows quite clear –
The fault in my thinking & act –
I had “faith” to fly, but not God’s will
Nor even the wisdom to harness true flight

So here I pen for you some thoughts on the essence of real faith
That you shall not follow the haste in which I sealed my fate:
Faith’s a right knowledge of God & his perfect will for you
Followed by devoted action to make it all come true

(penned Sept 24, 2010 by a fan of flight & faith overlooking Bell’s Canyon from a large granite slab a top the lower falls)


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